As an accomplished intuitive, Barbara Reed applies her passion for energy healing and animal communication to clients, both people and animals. Setting a safe neutral space she provides her clients with the opportunity for major healing. Her specialties lie in the following areas:

Animal Communication

Energy Healing

Intuitive Consultation


Animal Communication

By giving voice to the animals, Barbara is able to put them in an empowered position, providing their human with an understanding around their desires, needs and issues. Her skills as an animal communicator can help to facilitate a more harmonious relationship between family members.


Barbara specializes in working with animals and their people on the emotional and spiritual levels. Some of the issues she can help you with are:

  Life transitions, new home, illness, death

  New partner, roommate, baby in the household

  New animal in the household

  Early life issues causing abandonment feelings, shyness, aggression

  End of life considerations and needs.



Energy Healer

As an energy healer, Barbara works with her clients, helping to gently strip away blocks and resistances so the client may more fully step into themselves. This empowerment then allows the client to walk through their life with more ease and grace.


Working from the emotional and spiritual levels, Barbara can help resolve issues dealing with:

  Life lessons

  Spiritual agreements and contracts, karma

  Emotional issues and blocks

  Being grounded and present



Intuitive Consultation

Barbara works with clients, looking at day-to-day issues using her intuitive abilities to provide a deeper understanding of the human dynamics involved in situation.


As a neutral listener, Barbara helps her clients to look at issues from a broad perspective, enabling the client a more clear understanding of the issue at hand.  

  Relationships family, friends, work

  Day-to-day issues/experiences

  Life changes job, moving, death in family

  Ongoing coaching in needed areas