About Barbara

As a lifelong lover of animals Barbara initially started her intuitive business as an animal communicator. In a desire to deepen and refine her intuitive skills she enrolled at the Academy of Intuition Medicine© where she studied energy and its effect in both intuitive reading and healing. This experience brought her to a deeper understanding of what it means to be integrated, to be centered within oneself.  With this awareness came the decision to expand her business to include energy healing, helping clients who also seek an alignment of body and spirit.  

Barbara brings to her business a complex and dynamic background that combines over forty years in the business world, as a senior manager.  She has observed much of human nature working with staff from an open, intuitive place.  In addition, life experiences have provided a deep understanding of people and the trials and tribulations of life. These combined experiences helped her to understand and translate to clients how their energy manifests in the everyday world, and how this manifestation directly affects them and those around them, including animals.  With this deep understanding Barbara then helps her clients in facilitating their own healing in relation to themselves and these relationships.

Barbara has over 20 years of experience as an energy healer and animal communicator. She is a Reiki Master and holds a Master Certification in Intuitive Medicine.©  Always interested in learning other healing modalities she has also studied shamanism, channeling, and tapping. 


Energy Healing, Intuitive Consulting

“Barbara is unique she can see what your issues are and what it will take to deal with them. She keeps you collected, focused, and in the present. Her gentle humor dispels the most stubborn blocks while her wry wit keeps you in stitches. I highly recommend her. She does wonder for me.”

    — Jeneanne H, Reno, NV


“Barb is a gem. She combines great wisdom, intuition and experience with humor and compassion in her work. Her approach is caring and gentle, yet the results are profound and always transformational. Working with Barb is always refreshing and energizing.”

    — Christine F, San Francisco, CA

“Oh my, oh my, oh my!!! What an amazing week since we worked together!!!! I can’t believe how different I feel on the inside and how interestingly people are presenting themselves to me on the outside. I’m holding my own power so well too! Thanks again for helping me this week. You are the best!”

    — Elizabeth T, San Mateo, CA

Animal Communication

“We cannot express our gratitude enough for Barbara’s tenderness and compassion toward not only our animals, but for us as well! Our first experience with Barbara was beautifully precise, with a gentleness that helped our family through the loss of our beloved Tigger cat. She predicted that our Tigger would return and in nine months’ time, she did! Throughout the years, we have depended on Barbara’s love, thoughtfulness, and expertise with her exquisite gifts to guide us through any situation with our precious ones.”

   — Moira and Andrew M, Carmel, CA

“I am writing to thank you for your words and caring attitude toward my situation with Kip... You are an amazing human being and I am so happy I decided to make an appointment with you. You made it a lot easier for me to do what needs to be done — no guilt or feeling badly about my decision.”

   — Elizabeth M, Tiburon, CA

"Barbara saved my dogs life! She intuitively monitored her daily for signs of improvement and next steps. We worked hand-in-hand to a successful resolution of Millie's physical issues. I highly recommend her as an animal communicator and intuitive consultant."

   — Nancy C, Pt. Richmond, CA